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Your Managing Editor — Janis Hunt Johnson
All my life, I have been fascinated with language and literature. It’s not just my business, it is my passion.Contact Janis Hunt Johnson

Hello, I’m Janis Hunt Johnson, your Managing Editor of Ask Janis Editorial Services. I’ve been running this online company since 1994, helping my clients to get their written words just right. For 12 years before that, I honed my skills as a published author and freelancer.

My favorite part of each day is the quiet time I set aside for reading and studying language.

Exploring the etymology of a single word in depth can rivet me for hours!

Yes, I am a logomaniac, a linguistics geek, a word nerd, an etymologist, thank you very much — and that’s what you need if you want your written message to resonate perfectly with your target market or audience. For me, words not only have meaning, they actually bring ideas to life.

Being an Editor is my dream job, because every project I work on teaches me something new too. I never want to stop learning new things.

I have a Library degree (MLS) and BA degree in English and Art History from Indiana University–Bloomington. I worked for several years as a Reference Librarian/Cataloguer at the Art Institute of Chicago, and then as an international programs coordinator at Rotary International’s Chicago headquarters.

Meanwhile, for 12 years before starting Ask Janis, I moonlighted as a freelance writer, editor, and proofreader in Chicago and Los Angeles. During that time, wherever I was working, whenever a daunting question came up about English, the words I heard most often were, “Hey, we should ask Janis! She’ll know the answer.”

In 1994 my husband and business partner David Chandley Johnson and I decided I could meet this need full-time, so we founded Ask Janis Editorial Services, pioneering one of the very first online editorial services available on the infant “World Wide Web.”

The year 2016 marks our milestone of 22 continuous years of online operation!
Ask Janis Editorial Services has helped thousands of clients correct and polish their words, while always maintaining every writer’s unique voice and intent.

Big or small, every project and client is unique.
At Ask Janis Editorial Services, you will be treated with the superior professionalism you expect, while I complete your project according to your budget and deadline — and this can all be handled online.

No matter what type of written project you need editorial services for, Ask Janis Editorial Services is ready to put your words in the best possible light by making it right!

Please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page for fast answers:

Frequently Asked Questions

Ask Janis Editorial Services
I am ready to help you write, now!

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"Early in my journalism career and later in my book publishing adventure [Janis was] the person
I looked to for professional direction. [Ask Janis] is
always there for me."

Joe Bianco
Joe Bianco

Writer and Publisher

Bianco Publishing
Avellino Press

"When you Ask Janis to edit your work, you can be assured that your voice won't get lost, and that she'll get the work done on budget and on time."

Pam Hogan
Pam Hogan

Best-Selling Author

Community Press

"Janis is not just a careful editor, but she is a caring editor. She wants your project to be the best it can be. That's exactly what she did for my book. You will be very happy when you Ask Janis for [editorial] services."

Rabbi David Zaslow
Rabbi David Zaslow


First-Century Rabbi

“I am free to write
without having to be a perfectionist, because she is.

I love that."

Suzanne Mathis McQueen
Suzanne Mathis McQueen


4 Seasons in 4 Weeks

"Janis is an expert in her field, she can edit to very fine details, and she cares
about her clients."

Bruce Painter
Bruce Painter

Best-Selling Author

The Giving Zone

“Now that I have three published books under my wings, not only have I gotten great editing, I’ve become a better writer as well. If you’re writing and want the best, then you’ll want to Ask Janis, too."

Chloé Taylor Brown
Chloé Taylor Brown

President and CEO

Chloé Taylor Brown
Enterprises, LLC

"For over 15 years Ask Janis has been my primary resource for expert proofreading & editing, to complete rewrites of author manuscripts & client content."

Debra Valencia
Debra Valencia

Owner &
Creative Director

Deva Communications

"I'm so honored I got to Ask Janis to edit and help polish
my novel. Janis brought my
story to a whole new level
of professionalism."

Chana Keefer
Chana Keefer

Best-Selling Author

The Fall
Rapha Chronicles #1

"If I could, I would Ask Janis to edit every word I write. As it is,
I want her to edit every book I write… I can't recommend her highly enough!"

Beca Lewis

Beca Lewis

Author, Consultant,
and Speaker

"Whenever my company needs
research, writing, or proofreading, I simply Ask Janis and know that it will get done on time with the highest quality."

Matt Kaminsky
Matt Kaminsky



"Thanks, Ask Janis!

Can't tell you what a relief
it is to know I'm properly punctuated when in public."

Amy Fisher
Amy Fisher

Vice President

Realty Group Inc.

"I have used the talents and skills of Ask Janis over the years, and
I cannot recommend them highly enough. They have saved my bacon more than a few times..."

Mark Henderson
Mark Henderson

Composer and Illustrator

Blazing Cactus Music

Imagination Illustrations

"Ask Janis, and watch
her do her magic!"

Nita Ybarra
Nita Ybarra

Graphic Designer

Nita Ybarra Design

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Janis Hunt Johnson

Managing Editor
Ask Janis Editorial Services

410 Newtown Street
Medford, OR, 97501

Ask Janis Editorial Services will always protect your right to privacy
and will never disclose, share or sell your contact information.

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